Winemakers Pantry bankrupted by failed CEO, Sharon Damante, a disgraced former Food Network contestant.

Winemakers Pantry has been forced into bankruptcy by the failed CEO, Sharon Damante who presents herself as a “Celebrity Chef” due to her single appearance as a contestant on the Food Network – in reality this failed restaurant owner has an ego wayyyy bigger than her talent and managed to run the business into the ground before fleeing to Florida in the dark of night without a word to customers or investors.

Watch the video above for the inside scoop and take my experience as a lesson: don’t do business with “friends” and then do it on trust; you might get screwed like we did. Instead of facing her failures, Sharon hid them and then attempted to use the Bankruptcy courts to just take my money – no sense of obligation, loyalty, decency or honor.

The lawsuits have dragged on for two years – and the joke is on her; I have sold the recipies, business plan and client list to a new group of sharp wine country locals who will undoubtedly make it a success.

As Seen on the Food Network:


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